Girl’s cunning revenge on text scammer is so perfect other people are desperate to try it too

How many times have you heard your message tone go off and looked at your phone excitedly, only to see a borderline nonsensical text from a would-be scammer?

These scammers have all sorts of ways and means of trying to get your attention.

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Hazardous common mistake people make with plastic containers in the microwave

How often do you bung a plastic container or plate in the microwave and set the dial to ‘nuke’ without giving it a second thought?

If this sounds like you, then according to food and nutrition experts, it needs to stop.

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Fears over new iPhone Wi-Fi bug that lets hackers hijack your phone and secretly install malicious apps

Hackers could secretly hijack your iPhone and install malicious apps, according to researchers who have found a new Wi-Fi bug.

Security experts showed this bug could install malicious apps without the owner being aware – similar to the Key Reinstallation Attacks or Krack that emerged last month. 

Uncovering the flaw won a security lab the top prize of $110,000 (£760,000) at a hacking contest in Tokyo.

The details of the hack have not been made public and Apple has not had time to patch the flaw.

.At the global Pwn2Own hacking contest the Tencent Keen Security Lab showed how a Wi-Fi bug could get entry to iPhones.

This means the most sensitive information such as banking information and passwords could be taken by hackers.

‘Once we verify the research presented is a true 0-day exploit, we immediately disclose the vulnerability to the vendor, who then has 90 days to release a fix,’ explains Zero Day Institutewho ran the initiative.

‘Representatives from Apple, Google, and Huawei are all here and able to ask questions of the researchers if needed.’

It could be related to iOS 11.1 as that is what all the phones at the hacking event were running on, according to a tweet from Zero Day Initiative.

Apple has not issued a statement but on its security webpage it says: ‘Apple doesn’t disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has occurred and patches or releases are available.’

‘Recent releases are listed on the Apple security updates page.’

.Just last month security experts warned we should be on high alert as our home networks could be vulnerable to attack by hackers from a similar Wi-Fi bug. 

It emerged encryption algorithms designed to protect people’s privacy online had been cracked.


Wiley reveals guilt over Dizzee Rascal’s stabbing that led to epic 14 YEAR feud between the Hip Hop stars

The Wearing My Rolex singer doesn’t want to be Dizzee’s enemy

 The feud between rappers Wiley and Dizzy Rascal has been raging for 14 years, and it doesn’t look like the pair will be making amends any time soon.

At last night’s Q awards Wiley shed light on the famous fall out and explained they can’t move past the incident in which Dizzee was stabbed by a rival gang back in 2003.

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DJ Spaqz featured on Irelans’s newspaper CEO DJ Spaqz featured on Ireland’s news paper. 

Its been a good year especially for and also our CEO DJ Spaqz. Hardwork and dedication will never fail you. Please follow DJ Spaqz and Radio 2hot on all social media platforms. 

Here is what DJ Spaqz posted in one of his social media pages with pics of the article that featured on Metro Eireann newspaper in Ireland.

 If you missed the last edition of Metro Eireann newspaper Ireland. Always work hard and stay focused and your work will be noticed no matter what!!! 🙏😊

Ice Cube Has Something He’d Like to Tell Pac… to His Face!

By Hip Hop My Way.

There’s a lot of people who wish they could see Tupac in person. The fact that festival organizers were able to sell a hologram of the late rapper to thousands of attendees is more than enough proof of that.
Of course, there are family and friends who wish they could talk to their late acquaintance again, but Ice Cube has something very specific that he’d like to tell Tupac if he saw him. Namely, your diss fine but my diss a killer.
The rapper and actor was asked about his N.W.A. diss track “No Vaseline” and where it ranked in the pantheon of legendary disses in a recent interview with Bill Simmons. On the podcast The Ringer, Cube emphatically stated that “No Vaseline” was a better diss than “Hit ‘Em Up.”
At first, it seemed like Cube was going to go the humble route. When Simmons mentioned that “Hit Em Up” and “No Vaseline” are always going head-to-head when people try to figure out the best diss tracks ever made, Cube said he was “proud of that.” But rather than leave it at that, Cube said that he beats Pac every time.
“Mine is better, mine is better,” he said. “Here’s why. We were in the same group, so it’s more personal. It’s an ugly diss song. It’s vicious.”
While Cube was ready to give Tupac props as “one of the best to ever hold a mic,” he thinks the two songs aren’t on the same level.
“’No Vaseline’ is a monster,” he said, adding that his song was better structurally as well. “I mean Tupac’s was banging,” he said. “But my loop was better too. Using that Dazz? Cinderfella?”
Cube said he’s not just showing out on someone who can’t defend himself. He told Simmons that he’d say the same thing with Tupac in the room.
“If he was here, I’d still tell him,” he said. “Can’t fade ‘No Vaseline.’ Cause ‘No Vaseline’ has a big intro on it that they’d never play. It’s damn near a theme ride.”
After they got off the topic of Cube winning, the immortal debate between Pac and his target on “Hit Em Up” came up. Ice Cube said his picks depended on the situation. Pac wins for passion and Biggie wins for skill.
“Oh, lord. It depends. If I’m talking about on-stage passion, MC from the heart. That’s Tupac,” he said.
“If I’m just talking about lyrical gymnastics, that’s Biggie,” he continued.
Ice Cube isn’t always starting beef. In fact, he recently told People his secret for avoiding conflict and staying married.
Ice Cube isn’t always starting beef. In fact, he recently told People his secret for avoiding conflict and staying married.