The ethically and socially responsible brand #HouseofAkina have taken to the sea

The ethically and socially responsible brand #HouseofAkina have taken to the sea with the release of their new MOAS Ltd. edition bowtie and pocket square set, commemorating MOAS’ two year anniversary of saving lives at sea.

Founded by Lye Ogunsanya and Joshua Doyle, Fashion Brand #HouseofAkina exists as a result of its 3E concept: Education, Ethical and Empowerment.

Co-Founder Joshua Doyle.

By breaking beyond fair trade standards, ensuring stringent handmade quality and using its profits to run training and educational workshops for women living in direct provision centres, #HouseofAkina have solidfied itself as one of the forefronts of social enterprise in Ireland.

Co-Founder Lye Ogunsanya

The partnership is one which will see the profits of the bowtie set go towards the funding of the organisation MOAS. MOAS was founded in reaction to the lack of response towards hundreds of drownings off the Italian Island of Lampedusa. Converting a fishing boat into a search and rescue vessel, MOAS set about their journey of saving lives at sea and have since expanded to working off the Aegean, Andaman and Mediterranean Sea.

Moas Rescue Vessel.

To shop the new collection, you can do so here.

To stay informed of #HouseofAkina or Moas, you can do so through their social media handles and websites.

#HouseofAkina: Website

#HouseofAkina: Twitter

Moas: Website

Moas: Twitter

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Radio 2hot supports this humanitarian effort and calls on everyone to suppot it in any way you can.  


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