Army cadets chop off hands of ‘possessed’ soldier dummy after it ‘attacked them in the night’


A group of cadets say they have been forced to chop-off a “possessed” soldier dummy’s hands after it kept waking up in the night and attacking them with a gun.

The military school students claim the dummy is possessed by an evil spirit and it was often spotted moving about on its own.

Some cadets have even claimed the mannequin at the unnamed institution in the Bolivian capital of La Paz has been taken over by the ghost of one of their former commanders.

The decision to remove its hands came after a terrified student reportedly shot at the dummy.

So to stop it causing any more trouble, they decided to chop off its hands and put it in a glass casing.

Moises Borja, one of the cadets, explained the bizarre tactic to Panamericana Television: “We had to make the decision to cut off its hands so it wouldn’t attack us anymore and we then put it in a glass case so it wouldn’t be able to move either.”

Some of the students told reporters that the dummy was able to use weapons and they feared it could attack them.

Students claim the mannequin would attack them with a gun in the middle of the night

Student Moises Borja added: “Some cadets in the north wing claim they can hear sounds of people walking (down the corridors).”

Edilberto Parra, another cadet, said it was all because the school has been overrun by evil spirits.

He said: “If you walk alone down a corridor, next to all the photos of the presidents and war hero statues, they start to ask you “Why are you here?” and “Why are you walking like that?”

The claims have not been investigated and the director of the institution, not named in local reports, has said it was all just superstition.

-source Mirror-


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