One-year-old baby develops ‘sexual urges’ and grows pubic hair due to rare condition


The boy, named Akash to protect his identity, suffers from “precocious puberty” that has also resulted in him growing body hair

Testosterone in the Delhi-born one-year-old, dubbed Akash to protect his identity has rocketed to the level of a 25-year-old.

And symptoms of his rare condition, called “precocious puberty” have resulted in him growing facial and body hair as well as sexual urges.

His mum, whose name has also not been revealed, said Akash had started growing abnormally from about six-months-old.

She said: “We thought he was just a big baby but later everyone started to point out that that this growth couldn’t be normal.

“His male reproductive organs had grown to that of a man’s size and we knew something was wrong.”

The boy’s doctor Vaishakhi Rustagi said: “Usually this disorder is caused due to brain or stomach tumour, but we didn’t find anything as such in blood reports.

“The child was lucky in a way because tumour usually increases complications and leads to cancer.”

The paediatrician, of Max Super Speciality Hospital, said he saw similar cases ‘once every 10 years’ and added: “Precocious puberty is traumatic for a child of his age and it makes them violent.

“His muscle strength increased to a level that even his parents couldn’t control him.

“If such children are not treated, they will become violent. The physical changes will not be suitable for their age.

“They will also stop growing after a few years and remain about 3-4ft tall.”

Akash was put on hormone therapy after his parents went to see a doctor when he was 18 months old and his voice had started to break.

His hormonal developments and genital size decreased after five months.

He is now given a monthly dose which blocks the effects of hormones.

The treatment will continue until he is mentally stable enough to grasp the changes in his body.


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