‘Half a goat’ born with no hind quarters manages to get around on just its front legs


The unusual sight of an animal with two legs instead of four shocked owners, but the animal is thriving.

A goat born with no hind legs has shown its triumph over adversity after it reached six months old – just walking on its forelegs.

The young kid was born without rear legs last December, and its owners felt it wouldn’t survive.

But it overcame its disability mere days after its birth and has become a strong walker on four feet instead of two.

According to the unnamed farmer who witnessed the birth of the animal some six months ago, the goat’s mother had previously given birth to two healthy kids.

Breeders on the forest farm in Xinping Yi Dai Autonomous County, in south-west China’s Yunnan Province, were shocked to see the deformed goat, but they were even more surprised to see it walking within a week of its birth.

The goat farmer said the young animal learned to perfect its balance and stand on its two front legs, and it is clearly unaware of and unfazed by its disadvantage.

It now hops around the farm merrily using only its two forefeet, travelling with its herd and grazing on the same foods given to the rest of its kin.

Reports citing local veterinarians suggested that the doe may have suffered an abdominal injury during pregnancy that resulted in the birth of the two-legged animal.

The injury could have been caused during a fight, reports said.

Unsurprisingly, the lamb has become something of a local attraction with hundreds of curious visitors from local farms and communities arriving to see the two-legged goat with their own eyes.



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