Justin Bieber Walks Off Stage After Getting Hit With A Bottle In Brazil. Artists BEWARE!

It was a bad day for Justin Bieber.
The pop sensation got quite a surprise while performing in São Paulo, Brazil Saturday.

Bieber, 19, was singing when he was hit by a water bottle that was thrown from the audience, reports Gossip Cop.

The “Bad Day” singer was obviously peeved by the gesture, as he looked visibly annoyed and walked off stage mid-song.

He must have gotten over it quickly, as he later tweeted, “Love u Brazil.”

São Paulo is one stop on the South American leg of Bieber’s Believe Tour.

On Nov. 1 the pop singer was in Rio de Janeiro, where he reportedly paid a visit the city’s posh brothel, Centaurus. Bieber’s time at the cathouse was said to be a mistake, believing it to be a “private members’ club,” an insider told Britain’s Daily Mail.

“Justin had been forced out of his hotel by the huge amount of fans that had gathered outside, making it impossible for him to go in and out as he pleased, so he planned to go to a private members’ club,” the source said.

Here’s where Bieber is winning & you rappers might be losing. Bieber said OK! So you stupid f**ks wanna throw bottles? That’s it! Show’s Over! But if that happened to a rapper everybody & they mama would be jumpin’ off the stage to get’em


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