Rihanna banned from Abu Dhabi mosque following

Rihanna banned from Abu Dhabi mosque following blasphemous photo shoot




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Currently embarking on her Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna was recently kicked out of a mosque in Abu Dhabi mosque for what was deemed “inappropriate” and “improper” conduct.

According to Hip Hop DX, the singer visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, posting a series of photos to her Instagram account shortly after. The authorities, however, weren’t so pleased.

Rihanna has been accused to have violated “the moral codes of access to the mosque” by “taking inappropriate pictures, posing in ways that are improper in the context of sacred place”. A statement from the mosque further states that the popstar “came for a private visit to the mosque, at a gate that is not reserved for visitors, without prior coordination”.

The incident is reminiscent of when Rihanna got ejected from a Northern Ireland farm following a risque video shoot.

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