Music Alert: DJ Spaqz – I Need You

DJ Spaqz new single “I Need You” now available on ITunes, Spotify, Groove, Amazon etc.

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What DJ Spaqz says about his style of music.

“My style is making mood music. I lay it down the way i feel. My style is making music according to my mood. Caution and standards are not important to me . You either love it or hate it!!”

Ex-Slave, Co-Inventor Of Jack Danielโ€™s Whiskey Finally Honored

Although it’s taken forever and three days, the former slave behind the epic Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is being honored with several accolades. Here are the details.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE โ€” Nathan “Nearest” Green was his name. He was a master distiller, according to the Nearest Green Foundation.
While neither Nathan nor his wife could read or write, Green was the go-to guy for whiskey. The source says he was a master distiller for Dan Call, in the mid-1800’s. This was in Lynchburg โ€” also where Jack Daniels received his business training.
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Multiple sources familiar with the situation tell us, Justin’s decision to abruptly cancel his Purpose Tour is rooted in his relationship with church pastor Carl Lentz. As we reported, we’re told Lentz did not advocate canceling the tour. In fact we’re told he recommended the opposite.

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